All You Need To Know About The Essential Pieces Of Scuba Diving Equipment Required

It is needless to say that human beings were not created to live or swim underwater. We do not have the correct physical structure making us incapable of breathing underwater for long periods of time; thus, not being able to live without the oxygen above water. Due to this fact, it is imperative that when we choose to explore the depths of the ocean or lake or whatever water body available, that we utilize the correct diving equipment to ensure no harm comes to our bodies. This article will provide information for both inexperienced and experienced scuba divers on the essential scuba diving equipment required for an effective dive.

1. The Scuba Diving Mask

As we do not possess gills to breathe underwater, the human eye was not created to see underwater. Some individuals are able to “swim with their eyes open”, but this tends to be for short periods only and they soon need to shut their eyes to avoid damage being incurred. In order to protect the eye when completing a scuba diving session, it is necessary to wear a scuba diving mask. The diving mask was created to form a pocket of air around the eye area allowing the diver to have a clear view of the underwater world.

The scuba diving mask has a similar presentation to a large pair of swimming goggles; however, it differs in that it has a silicone seal to avoid any breathing through the nose. Breathing through the nose can be inadvertent and will cause a person to take in water resulting in damage to the body. The diving mask is designed in a manner that it can withstand large amounts of underwater pressure making it an essential piece of scuba diving equipment.

2. The Scuba Fins

As any person who has completed a swimming exercise will know, swimming in any style can be very tiring and requires large amounts of energy and oxygen to be successful. Taking this into account, for a scuba diving session to be successful it is important for the diver to conserve as much energy as possible; fins are able to do this. The scuba diving fin is a large flexible blade that is attached to the foot (and you need one for each foot) providing maximum propulsion through the water allowing for energy conservation. It allows for effortless movement through the water and the chance to view more during a scuba diving session. There are two different types of fins: the strap fins that have a food pocket attached with a strap around the heel, and the shoe fin that fits onto the foot in a similar fashion to a slipper.

3. The Protective Scuba Clothing Scuba clothing is essential when completing a scuba diving session as it protects the body from corals, rocks and other pieces of equipment. The skin suit is the most beneficial in warm waters as it protects the diver while still allowing for coolness; however, colder water temperatures would be better frequented by wet suits as they provide insulation allowing the body to keep warm in the cold water. The wet suits are available in both short and long styles; as well as in a range of thicknesses.

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